Ecoglo Fire Protection Product Trading
Ecoglo Fire Protection Product Trading (EFPPT) was established in February 2019. EFPPT is the authorised representative of Ecoglo International Limited (EIL) and is located in Rizal Philippines. As well as servicing the Philippines, EFPPT is co-ordinating Ecoglo’s expansion into the ASEAN market. The owners and staff of EFPPT have undergone induction and training relating to photoluminescent systems, Ecoglo products and the installation of those products.

Ecoglo International Limited 
Established in New Zealand in 1997, Ecoglo designs and manufactures photoluminescent (PL) exit signs and emergency visibility products using High Temperature Curing (HTC) technology to integrally bond the photoluminescent polymers onto an aluminium base. This results in products with very high light storage capabilities and unparalleled durability.

Ecoglo offers products – which includes our patented HTC product set alongside a range of PVC tapes and products – to meet international building codes such as The Fire Code of the Philippines, NFPA 101 Life Safety Code and IFC.

Cost Effective · Failsafe · Sustainable
By harvesting sunlight or recycling the existing light in a building, Ecoglo PL products provide sustainable and cost effective emergency lighting solutions. The solutions are fail-safe, operate immediately and will last the life of a building.

Ecoglo products can be seen in many international facilities around the world including Melbourne Cricket Ground, New York’s Jazz at Lincoln Center, Toronto’s Eaton Centre, London’s Bond St Underground Station and Dubai’s 160 floor Burj Khalifa.

Countries that have already adopted PL technology into their respective building codes include the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and New Zealand.

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